Websites you wish you knew existed

As of 2020, the number of websites on the Internet has surpassed 1 billion. Even though not all of them are active, there are still millions of websites being actively used around the globe. Have you ever wondered what websites could be useful or maybe fun but you never heard of them? Check out this … Read more

Your first step on the road to success

How many times have you had a great idea with amazing potential but ended up not pursuing it? What about the times when you found out that someone else implemented this idea and it turned out to be successful? At that moment, you feel as if someone stole a huge opportunity from you. But don’t … Read more

The rise of the dark mode

Dark mode on mobile phones is becoming more popular and more in demand. A couple of days ago, the WhatsApp dark theme became available for both android and iOS and people loved it! So what’s the secret? Why is dark mode becoming the charming feature that everyone wants in all of their favorite apps? The … Read more

Why should you adopt a Long-term oriented mindset


I’ll start with a Quick story about me. I am a software developer. During one of the lectures that I was attending at University, one of my instructors mentioned game development, and how much money developers are making by building games. The first thing that came to my mind was that I TOO SHOULD LEARN … Read more

The art of making decisions

Contemplating choices

Making decisions is an important part in our everyday life. Decisions can vary from what you’ll wear in the morning, to choosing your major in college. Some of these decisions have minor impact on you, and others are life-shaping decisions. But what can you do when you’re faced with so many options and you can’t … Read more

A look into the game development world


Desktop and mobile games have been integrated into our lives for many years. They have been an essential part of many people’s daily routines. What do game development companies need in order to build a game? Here are some of what they need: A Game Engine A Modelling software for 3D games Image Manipulation Software programs … Read more