Passwords No More – The era of passwords is to be history

Since the rise of the Internet and the computing devices, people needed a way to protect their data from all kinds of breaches thus passwords were born. However, passwords have always been a pain for the users. You’ll have to remember them for all of your interactions with the internet, you’ll also have to type STRONG passwords which make them even harder to remember. Why do websites and apps ask you to type strong passwords though? Because passwords are EASY TO HACK (by good hackers of course).

So… It’s obvious that taking time to type your password and remembering it all the time is not a great user experience and is sometimes insecure. This makes huge tech companies want to get rid of passwords and find an alternative.

Here’s what some of these companies did.


Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but Google is now using notifications to log you in instead of passwords in some cases. When you try to login to your Google account, Google sends a notification to your verified mobile phone and all you have to do is click yes to login. No password required.


The company has invented the Touch ID in an attempt to save users of their devices from having to type a password every single time they decide to use their phone. They later invented the Face ID which serves the same purpose. Touch ID and Face ID (aka biometrics) are being used today to login to apps too.


The company is dedicating a lot of time to build a passwordless future. They have their own article about their vision of a future with no passwords. Microsoft is also planning to make windows 10 passwordless as stated here by The Verge.

Is it really possible to have a future with no password protections?

The answer is yes, definitely. This may take some time but a future with no passwords is inevitable. There are great technologies that are promising to replace passwords such as behavioral recognition which uses your actions to decide whether it’s you or not (the way you type, use the mouse …), and Google’s Trust Score which uses some data points to identify you.

We are moving towards a world with less passwords and it’s truly exciting! Or is it? What do you think?