Do you have to do Presentations in University?

Are you a university student? If you are, then you might probably be worried about having to do presentations in front of your friends and classmates. You might fear that you’ll mess everything up. Do you really have to do presentations in university though?

Yes you have to. Doing a presentation in front of your classmates is an essential part of your educational journey. Most of the universities around the world require that you do at least one presentation in front of students and instructors.

I was a computer science student and I had to do more than 15 presentations during my college years. Some of them were 1 hour long.

But why do we have to deliver presentations at universities? Is it important? The short answer is yes, practicing your presentation skills is extremely important and I’ll tell you why later in this article, but first, let’s discuss the importance of presentations in general.

Are presentations important in general?

Presentations are one of the most professional methods of communication when it comes to business gatherings. It’s a chance for the presenter to deliver a clear message to a number of people instead of having to meet them one by one.

So presentations are one of the pillars of many business industries. 

Do you have an idea that you want funding for? You’ll need to prepare a presentation and deliver it in front of interested investors. 

Are you a lawyer? You’ll need to present cases in front of judges for the rest of your life, and there are millions of other examples when it comes to presentations.

Are you a CEO who needs to deliver a presentation about their company’s new product? You’ll need to deliver a killer presentation for your company to succeed. 

Steve jobs can be a great example here. His presentations were excellent and they have contributed in making Apple a global success.

So we can conclude that delivering presentations is inevitable during your career, and that it’s important to master the art of delivering a presentation in order to have a successful career. 

The question becomes…

Can your university presentations help you improve your presentation skills? 

Yes it can and here is how.

University presentations help you gain confidence in public speaking.

Presentations are a form of public speaking. After all, you’re presenting in front of people. People can sometimes lack confidence when it comes to public speaking because they are afraid to mess up in front of many people.

I can’t think of a better way to gain confidence in delivering presentations than to practice your delivery methods. Your university presentation gives you the chance to practice and gain more confidence in front of an audience.

University presentations help you improve your presentation skills

When you deliver a presentation for the first time, you’re very likely to mess things up, but with time and practice, you’ll gain more skills that will help you handle your presentations much better.

With that said, It’s better to mess up in front of your classmates instead of messing up in front of big investors when pitching your startup idea.

When universities require that you deliver presentations, they are giving you a chance to mess up and learn from your mistakes. That way, you’ll become ready for any presentation during your career.

I messed up many presentations during my college years, however I am thankful that I did. Messing up helped me improve my presentation skills, and those skills came in handy when I decided to work as a freelancer.

I was able to get many projects because of the presentation skills that I learned during my college years.

University presentations help you learn how to deliver a message in a better way

One of the main reasons behind delivering a presentation is to communicate a clear message to your audience. If you do not deliver your message in a perfect way, you’re not going to get the results that you would expect.

No matter how brilliant your startup idea is, if you communicate it in a wrong way in front of investors, you’ll lose their interest.

So you need to get the message right and university presentations help you do that. When you give a presentation in front of your instructors and your classmates, you’ll get tons of valuable feedback on what you have done right, and what you have done wrong.

If you take the feedback seriously and work on improving yourself, you’ll get to a point where you will be able to deliver your message clearly. This will help your career on many levels.

Should there be any exceptions when it comes to mandatory university presentations?

While we all feel some anxiety when it comes to delivering presentations in front of people, there are some people that feel an extraordinary amount of anxiety that can affect their health.

There are some people that have a social anxiety disorder.

Those people may not be able to present anything in front of an audience at all, and universities should do something for them.

Luckily, social anxiety disorder can be treated. But still, universities might want to consider some alternative options when it comes to helping people with a social anxiety disorder to practice their presentation skills instead of just forcing them to talk in front of an audience.

To summarize

Presentations are indeed a requirement in most of the universities around the world. These presentations will help you gain more confidence, practice your presentation skills and improve the chances of having a very successful career.