Quora, the Q&A Social Giant. Should you use it?

Ever heard of Quora? You sure did. 

Have you used it? Maybe not. 

Should you use it? Definitely yes.

If you are not a Quora user, then you have at least seen it rank first on many of your google search results. You also might have noticed that a lot of the answers on quora are extremely detailed and sometimes very useful.

So… What is Quora?

Quora is yet another social platform. Described in few and simple words, it is a website where you can ask questions and answer other’s questions. 

However, it’s much more than that. You can follow and be followed by people, you can join topics and communities to ask and answer questions about topics that you are interested in, and much more.

What makes it stand out?

It’s true that there are many Q & A websites around, like Yahoo answers and others. What makes Quora better than them? The answer is simple, it’s the users of the site. 

The user base of the website contains experts in all fields, people with life experiences, people with awesome stories to tell, CEOs, artists, developers, engineers and much more. 

It’s true that a lot of other Q & A platforms also attract people with a variety of expertise, however they can barely reach the variety that exists on Quora. Don’t believe me? Just check out few answers on the website and you’ll see by yourself.

Many journalists go to quora to use the answers in their articles. You’ll often find that some answers are used by content creators all over the web. 

People doing research, writers, video makers and many more people depend on the website’s answers in whatever they are doing because they know that the content there can be trusted. Of course they’ll need to ask permission from the person who wrote the answer first.

One final interesting fact

Two Facebook employees left Facebook because they wanted to start their own business. They decided to build another Q & A website that is heavily moderated, and then Quora was born.