Real life video games | An exciting future for gaming

Playing games has been, for a long time, one of the first resorts when people want to entertain themselves.

Real life video games have been emerging today taking the gaming experience to a whole new level. But first ….

What are Real life video games in the context of this article?

When it comes to having fun, playing games might always be the preferred option for many people. 

Before computer games, people used to create games in the physical world to entertain themselves. Games like hide and seek, rope jumping, red light green light and so on.

These games involved physical activities, interaction with real world objects. But with the rise of computers and the rise of the internet, video games dominated the entertainment world.

People today are sitting all day in front of screens interacting with virtual environments.

To answer our question, what are real life video games? Real life video games are games that combine both real world physical activities and virtual environments together.

The real world games were a great way for people to exercise and move, to make social connections with others and to pass time, but the innovation in these games were limited. 

You’re limited to the laws of physics in the real world (and of course the human laws) and there is nothing you can do beyond that.

When it comes to video games however, you can break all the rules of the real world and create stunning virtual environments for people to enjoy. But the lack of physical movement led to so many problems and concerns for the people playing the games.

So why not combine the benefits of the 2 together? This is what real life video games are.

With the rise of Augmented reality and the Virtual reality technologies, games that combine both real and virtual worlds are now available.

What are augmented reality games?

Augmented reality games are games like Pokemon Go (I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now). You use your mobile camera to look around and while doing so, the game drops some non real life objects on your screen.

The result is a combination of real world and virtual world objects that you can interact with in the game.

Are these kinds of real life video games successful?

Let’s talk a little bit about Pokemon go. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick summary: 

It’s a game where you have to move around in the real world to collect pokemons that appear on your camera.

You can also have battles with other pokemon collectors and it’s really an awesome way of showing off your collection of well trained pokemons.

How successful was the game? It was this successful:

A rare pokemon was spotted and hundreds of people were racing each other wanting to get the rare pokemon first.

There were many other videos of people going crazy when finding rare pokemons around them.

Pokemon Go has won the most revenue grossed by a mobile game in the first month Guinness world record. The game made 206.5 million dollars in revenue in its first month which is insane.

Pokemon Go has proved that the real life video games industry can be extremely profitable, so more gaming studios are working on releasing Augmented reality games allowing people to experience a combination of a real world and a virtual world.

What about Virtual reality games (VR games)?

Virtual reality games require that you wear a VR Set. It’s a complete virtual reality environment, however it’s different from regular video games in that you need to physically interact with the virtual world instead of clicking buttons to do so.

For example, you’ll need to rotate your body 180 degrees to see what’s behind you in the virtual world, you need to move your hands to shoot, swing a sword, catch a bottle of water, etc…

This makes VR games really fall into the category of real life video games.

VR games have also seen a lot of success. More studios are racing towards making stunning VR games as many believe they are the future of gaming.

Companies are also racing to create the best hardware for VR games and dominate the gaming market. Companies like Facebook and Samsung are working on VR hardware equipment hoping that they dominate the market oneday.

So a question rises here, are real life video games the future?

Nobody knows actually, but there are no doubts that you’ll see much more games that allow you to interact with the real world in the future, and there’s also no doubt that the traditional video gaming community will remain strong and huge.

Thus, we don’t believe that real life video games will wipe out other video games, however real life video games will have a stronger presence with each year that passes by in the gaming community.

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