Reasons why field trips are important

Schools and college education are a big part of many people’s lives around the world. People spend a lot of years at school learning things, and for that reason, it’s good to make sure that these years aren’t wasted.

To ensure that students are making the most out of their time at schools, the schools need to take advantage of the best teaching methods out there. One of these teaching methods is taking advantage of field trips.

Field trips are one of the most important teaching methods for students. They allow the students to observe the things they are studying by themselves which encourages their critical thinking abilities. Field trips are also important for helping students gain hands-on experience on what they’re learning.

Instead of just memorizing theories that they will most probably forget a few months after the exams, it’s better if you let the students observe the things that they are learning by themselves.

But before we proceed, I want to talk a little bit about what field trips are in case you’re not very familiar with the term.

What are field trips? 

Field trips are journeys that either students or researchers take in order to learn about something by observing it. They use their senses to analyze their subject and extract any information about it.

In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of field trips for school students, and how much they can positively affect their educational journey.

Why are field trips important in education?

1- Field trips allow students to use their visual memory.

Visualization is extremely important when it comes to memorizing things better. Whenever we read something or try to remember something, we will most probably try to picture it in our minds. 

Take reading a novel for example. When you start reading, you immediately picture the events that are happening in your head because this way you can understand them better.

With that said, it is extremely important to work on the student’s visualization capabilities, and a field trip can help them visualize the things that they are studying in a better way.

But how can field trips make memorizing things easier for students? Very simple.

Let’s say that students are studying about how bread is made. First they’ll need to learn how to make a dough, then they need to learn how to prepare it and then put it inside a stove.

Memorizing the steps can be a huge problem for some students. A field trip to the bakery will help them visualize the steps in a much clearer way instead of just imaging them by themselves.

If the student goes to a bakery store with their teacher, and the teacher shows the student how the bread is being made step by step, then whenever the students need to visualize the steps in their mind, they know exactly what to imagine, because they have seen each of the steps in person.

2- Field trips encourage critical thinking.

We all know how much critical thinking is important in a student’s life, and field trips encourage students to think in a critical way.

Let’s say that you’re teaching your students about dinosaurs. One way you can do this is to force them to memorize different types of dinosaurs, how they went extinct, how they look like and so on.

This way, you will be telling the students what to think. However, if you take them to a museum full of dinosaur skeletons without telling them much about the dinosaurs, they’ll try and think by themselves which is much better than you telling them what to think.

If students know very little about dinosaurs, and they go check the skeletons of these fascinating animals themselves, then they will try to observe the skeletons in a critical way and ask so many questions out of curiosity. Then you teach them the theoretical material that they need to memorize about dinosaurs.

This way, the students will allow themselves to come up with theories on what the dinosaurs are and what happened to them because they weren’t told the truth yet, so they’re free to guess it by using their critical thinking skills.

3- Field trips make students happier.

Field trips make going to school exciting. From what I can remember during my school years, the only days that I was excited to go to school were the days that had some kind of field trip.

Going on field trips is like going on some adventure. It helps the students bond with their school and it helps them bond with each other too.

I think we can all agree that if students love their schools, they’ll have a better learning experience. There is no need to elaborate more on that.

To summarize

Field trips are one of the best methods of teaching in schools. It helps the students visualize the material that they are studying, it helps the students enhance their critical thinking abilities, and it makes the student’s relationship with their school a healthy one.