Joe Read (See-Through), an extra ordinary artist

Art has been around us everywhere since the dawn of history, and will always be. Art takes different forms and disguises, however, what has been common in art all over the years is its ability to provoke thought and express a mixture of feelings and emotions to its viewers or listeners. 

With the rise of the Internet Web, more and more people were given their golden chance to bring their art into life and put it somewhere where people can see it and assess it. While some of these people are good at making art, others like S.e.e.t.h.r.o.u.g.h are astonishing.

Who is he?

Joe is an artist and an animator from New Zealand who animates and draws awesome pictures. Here’s an example of his work

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Self portraits

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Some of his excellent work truly invokes a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings. Most of his work are drawings/animations of humanoid dancing creatures. The effort put in this work seems tremendous and the results are brilliant and are 100% worth it. One example can be this paper animation:

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#rsi Music by @dr_stink

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What’s next for Joe?

Joe worked in the video games industry, however he is currently dedicating his time to drawing and animating. Follow his Instagram page to stay updated with all the new art that he shares.