why should economics be taught in high school?

There are many high schools today that already teach economics as part of their curriculum.  However, a lot of people question whether economics should be taught at a high school level or not.

Some students claim that it’s difficult to learn economics at a high school level and that it should be postponed to college.

Here’s my answer to that.

Economics should definitely be taught in high school. Learning Economics has to be an essential part of the education system since the science of economics is what helped our civilizations survive and grow.

Why is it important to gain some knowledge in economics?

To answer the question, we’ll need to define economics itself. According to Investopedia, economics is a “social science concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services”.

What this means is that it is a science that is concerned with resource management and efficiency.

Like every other science, economics science helps you learn some set of rules that you need to follow in order to achieve something.

Let’s say that you are a high school student, would you want to learn hundreds of pages of history? or would you want to learn the set of rules that will help you manage your financial resources?

I would go for the second option.

Learning how to manage your resources is such an important skill to have.

If you want to start your own business later in the future, you’ll need to know how to use every single dollar that you have in the most effective and efficient way possible. The science of economics will help you do that.

While it’s great to be extremely good at what you do and land a job at some company, it’s even better if you become the company’s CEO. 

However, there is no way you can do that without knowing how to manage resources and work efficiently with the financial capabilities of the company that you run. Again, you’ll need to know about the science of economics to do that.

So whether you want to start a business, or become the CEO of an already established company, or simply manage your own limited resources in a proper way to survive, then you’ll need some knowledge in economics.

There are some extremely boring subjects that you need to study during high school which may cause you to hate going to your school, economics should not be one of them.

You may not have the chance to learn economics outside high school.

Not every high school student makes it to college. Many decide to drop out of college either because they want to pursue other life goals or because of any other reason.

No matter what these people decide to do after high school, they need to have at least a slight understanding of what economics is and how it works.

This knowledge will come handy if they have a small amount of resources during their adulthood. If they know how to use their resources in the most efficient way possible, then that will make their chances of survival and success in the real world much higher.

Even if you decide to go to college, you may not have the chance to learn the basics of economics depending on your major.

I majored in computer science for example, and I didn’t have the chance to learn about economics because my major did not require it to get my degree.

So learning economics during high school would be the best option since the knowledge will reach a wider audience if taught at high school.

Economics at high school is not as hard as you think

Economics on a high school level is not hard if you approach it the right way as a student.

All of what it requires is a little bit of math knowledge and some dedication.

Even if you find the subject hard for you, you’ll have to consider spending more time studying it and giving it a higher priority as it will more likely benefit you in the future than most of the other subjects that you are learning.

Whenever you are studying economics or anything else, make sure that you avoid all the distractions around you, and give yourself the time needed to master the economics skill.

If you need tips on how to study better, I’ve written a detailed article about that here.

To Summarize

Economics is a science that should be taught at high schools because it helps students manage their life resources better. 

If economics is taught during high school, then the economics knowledge will reach a wider audience since students may not have a chance to learn it during college either because they might choose to drop out or because their major does not require it.