People tend to sit for very long durations these days in order to complete a task. We see a lot of people sitting all day playing video games, drawing, working in the office and so on.

For that reason, using a comfortable chair is extremely important, especially when working in an office because you’ll have to use your office chairs almost everyday for the rest of your career.

With that said, if you’re an office owner, and you want to make sure that you have an excellent work environment for your employees, should you get them chairs with or without armrests?

Office chairs should have removable armrests. Armrests are very useful, however they might not be good in some scenarios. With that said, it is best to use removable armrests. This way, it will be up to the employee to decide whether they want their office chair to have an armrest or not.

What are the effects of sitting on a chair for a long duration?

As you may already know, sitting for long durations has a lot of negative effects. This article talks about some risks of sitting too much on chairs. 

There is a higher chance that you die earlier if you sit for a very long time on an uncomfortable chair.

With that said, you need to make sure that the chairs at your office are very healthy for you and your employees.

The rest of the article will discuss the importance of armchairs and their drawbacks too. Stick around.

Why are chair armrests important?

1- Armrests make the chair more comfortable.

Sitting not knowing where to place your hands can be a disaster for some people. If your chair does not have an armrest, your hands have no place to sit on. You’ll either have to keep your hands folded or leave them hanging in the air if there isn’t any desk in front of you.

This scenario isn’t a great one for many people. Having an armrest can help you relax your hand’s muscles which you will need throughout the day for your hands to function properly.

It’s true that you can rest your hands on the desk in front of you if you don’t have armrests, however, you might not be facing the desk all the time, and you might not have enough space on your desk to lay down your hands.

2- Armrests reduce the stress on your back and your neck.

If you put your hands on an armrest, your back and your neck muscles will not worry about having to keep your hand in place as the normal force of your hand will do the job.

The armrests will exert a normal force on your hands to keep them in place. This way, your back and neck muscles will relax a little bit because they won’t have to apply the force themselves.

3- Armrests can help you stand up easier and quicker.

You’ll have to stand up a lot when working in an office. You have a lot of meetings, you need to go grab some water, or you just need to stand up and do some exercises to make sure that sitting doesn’t kill you.

Armrests will make it much easier for you to stand up. Instead of only relying only on your core muscles to stand up, you can place your hand on the armrest and use it to stand up in a much easier way.

You might think that this isn’t very important especially if you are young, but when you grow older, you’ll realize the importance of sitting on chairs that can help you stand up instead of only relying on your core muscles.

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of armrests. However, they have their drawbacks too.

What are some drawbacks for using armrests?

1- Chairs with armrests might not fit inside your table

This is one of the most common problems when it comes to having chairs with armrests. Armrests might prevent your chair from moving inside the table. This will force you to lean forward to reach your desk and that can cause you a lot of troubles.

2- Chairs with armrests may not be suitable for large people.

Armrests force limits on the width of the person that can use the chair. Large people might not be able to fit between the 2 armrests on a chair and that can cause them a lot of trouble.

With that said, large people should either have chairs with armrests that are wide enough, or they just have to use chairs with no armrests at all

What is the best solution then?

The best solution is that you get chairs with armrests that can be taken off. This way, your employees will decide on their own whether they want to use armrests or not depending on their situation.

To summarize

Armrests are important for office chairs, however, they might not be suitable in some scenarios. So the best office chair would be one with armrests that are easily removable.