Should Rainforests Destruction be punished?

Many environment experts and activists like to define the rainforests as the source of diversity on Earth. Such a definition makes much sense because rainforests are home for hundreds of thousands of unique living organisms on Earth.

These rainforests are in danger of disappearing completely however. The heavy deforestation that’s happening these days is putting many rainforests like the Amazon in danger and hence putting the entire human race in danger too.

So what should we do?

Rainforests destruction should be punished. When someone cuts hundreds of thousands of trees in a rainforest, they aren’t only hurting themselves, they are hurting the entire human race too. 

If we truly abide by the fact that ‘your rights end where mine begin’, then rainforests destruction isn’t a right for anyone. When a company cuts a lot of trees, it’s preventing hundreds of millions of other people from benefiting from the advantages of rainforests.

Why should we be worried about destroying rainforests?

First of all, what exactly are rainforests? Rainforests are places where trees exist in huge quantities and they are places where there is a lot of heavy rain during many days of the year, hence the name rainforests.

What’s special about rainforests is that most of them are an ecosystem of their own. 

Take Amazon as an example. The Amazon forest is the biggest rainforest in the world.

The ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest is one of the most amazing things you can ever imagine in your life. According to this sciencing article, the Amazon is home for more than 170,000 species of known organisms.

Thousands of different species of plants, birds and animals exist in the Amazon rainforest alone.

Amazon is a home for millions of people too. There are a lot of people who live in the Amazon rainforest between trees and near rivers.

There is a lot of medical potential when it comes to the Amazon rainforest. The locals living in Amazon have used a lot of plants for medical purposes and there is a huge potential in the amazon plants when it comes to medical discoveries.

I believe that by now you already know the danger of destroying rainforests. Thousands of living organisms species will die, millions of people will become homeless, a huge possibility for a medical advancement will be lost, and so much more.

Rainforests around the world constitute a huge percentage of the life variety on Earth and this variety needs to be protected at all costs.

Why are rainforests being destroyed?

The main reason for deforestation is because rainforests’s resources are needed for agriculture, wood, industrial products and so much more.

Some companies destroy forests to gain more space for their operations, other companies destroy forests to mine expensive materials and some countries destroy forests to create Dams.

As you can tell, there are so many reasons why people want to cut down the trees of a rainforest.

But if you think about it, there’s only one intention behind all the diverse reasons to destroy a rainforest, and that is to make a huge profit. It’s all about money.

How to stop the destruction.

As the title of this article suggests, it’s up for the governments to decide whether they need to save many of the world’s most breathtaking ecosystems or not.

Laws that punish any act of destruction to any rainforest around the world are needed more than ever. Time is passing without any protections to many rainforests and millions of trees are being cut every small period of time.

We can do our parts as individuals too by using recycled products, using digital products instead of ones that consume paper, and pressuring the governments to take some action against the conglomerates that are destroying rainforests around the world for money.

To summarize

Rainforests are home for a huge percentage of the Earth’s diversity of living organisms and they should be protected at all costs. Any attempts to destroy a rainforest for profit should be met with severe punishments or else millions of people and thousands of species will be doomed.