Should you replace Whatsapp with Telegram?

Yes you should. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram and the rest of the messaging apps are now all over the world. These apps are truly helpful when it comes to connecting with your friends and family all the time. Whatsapp is currently the biggest messaging app today as it has reached 2 Billion users recently. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the best out there. In fact, many of the tech savvy people prefer Telegram and here’s why

1 – Telegram uses cloud storage to store messages.

What does this mean? This means that if you delete Telegram and then come back later, you won’t lose your messages history because it’s all stored on the Telegram servers and you can get back to your data at any time. 

This also means that you can have the app downloaded on multiple devices and all of these devices will be able to receive and send messages for the same account (awesome).

2 – Telegram is super secure

Telegram’s security is one of the best out there. They use heavy encryptions to keep all the data safe from any hacking attacks. Their servers are distributed around the world which makes it more secure.

3 – More control over your data than Whatsapp

This might be one of the greatest features in Telegram. You have full control over your messages. If you want to have a little conversation with someone and later get rid of any traces of the conversation, then you can use what’s called a ‘Secret Chat’. 

Secret chats are chats that auto destroy themselves after a period of time. You won’t be able to take screenshots of the chat while in secret chat mode and your conversation will disappear once the chat destroys itself. 

What’s even more interesting in Telegram is that you can delete the messages from the device of the person you’re chatting with and you can do that at any time. If you had a chat with someone, and you want them to delete the conversation they had with you for any reason, you can do it yourself.

4 – No limits to the media files sent

Whenever you want to send a large file over Whatsapp, you’ll be worried whether it has crossed the limit size or not. With Telegram worry no more as there are no limits to the size of files that you can send. 

One more thing, Telegram gives you the option to not use any compression algorithms on the media that you send in order to preserve their quality. If you have a 4k image that you’d love to share with a friend, Telegram will let you reserve the quality of the image, unlike Whatsapp which reduces the quality of the image to lower its size.

5 – Telegram is not aiming to generate revenue

It’s true that Whatsapp neither contains ads nor contains subscriptions, however Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and you never know what they plan to do next. The Telegram team however states explicitly that Telegram is not aimed for profit and that they are covering their expenses with donations. They also state that Telegram will always be free and will not run ads.

Final words: If many of your friends are on Whatsapp, you can (Should actually) gradually switch to Telegram after you convince them to switch with you. 

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