The Dark Side of Fame

Almost everybody at some point in his/her life has seen how famous people are living the life moments that any person can dream of living. However, sadly very few notice how hard the other side of fame can be. You might love to be interviewed at one of the top shows in the world, you might love to be recognized by random people on streets, you might love that people shout your name out loud and gather around you whenever you visit a public place. What you certainly won’t love however is the burden that comes with all these pleasures. 

At least once in your life, you’ve imagined that you are a celebrity that is rocking a worldwide interview or that everybody is cheering and clapping for you after you’ve delivered a killer speech at one of the biggest stages in the world (Admit it, at least I do it all the time). The biggest problem here is that it’s in our mind, and what our minds usually do is ignore the other side of things. In this case, our minds ignore the dark side of fame. You can’t just wish that you be a celebrity when you’ve never thought of how hard it can be. 

Once you’re super famous, here’s what might happen.

1- Privacy could drop from 100 to 0 in no time.

How bad can this be? It can be as bad as people following you to the bathroom hoping to get a photo with you. It happened with Kevin Hart once when a fan followed him to the bathroom and stood there all the time just to take a photo with Kevin. Clearly Kevin wasn’t happy about it, nor should anyone else when in such a situation. There are thousands of other examples where celebrities’ privacy is completely disrespected. You can research that on your own in your free time.

2- You might not be able to enjoy even the simplest things when you’re outside of your hiding place.

Being famous does not mean not being human anymore. You will still want to go out, take a walk, visit a restaurant, enjoy a cup of coffee … Wait a second! Enjoy a cup of coffee? You might be able to HAVE a cup of coffee, but there’s a big chance you won’t be able to ENJOY it. Why? Because again, people from all around you will stand in line asking for a photo. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest Soccer(aka Football outside the USA) players in history once visited a place for a cup of tea and ended up taking more than 50 photos with fans in the neighborhood. Once people in the shop spotted Ronaldo, they not only stood in line to take a photo with him, but also they called their nearby friends to come catch Ronaldo trying to enjoy a cup of tea.

3- You might be criticized by people for things you’ve done when you weren’t in your best conditions.

There is always a time when you’re not yourself. There’s also a chance that you might do or say things that you later regret doing or saying. This can’t happen if fame has already taken over your life. Social platforms will be waiting for any mistake any celebrity does and spread it all over the internet to gain clicks and views. This makes even the slightest mistake a famous person does a threat to his/her reputation for a lifetime.

It’s good to be famous, it’s also good to know what you’re stepping into if you strive to be famous.