The hidden messages behind ‘THE 100’ series / Part 1

Warning: There are spoilers in this article. If you haven’t watched the 100 yet and you are planning to watch it soon, do not proceed.

First, let’s start with a quick summary of what The 100 series is about

A nuclear war occurs on earth making it uninhabitable for humans. In order for the human race to survive, humans send a spaceship carrying hundreds of people to space to protect them from earth’s radiations. The plan is for these people to return to earth after 100 years of surviving in space because then earth won’t be radiated anymore. However, people on the space ship run out of resources and decide to send 100 of their prisoners (hence the name) to earth after surviving 97 years in space. And there the story beings…

Enough summarizing things, now what is one of the hidden messages behind the 100 series?

It is the fact that perspective influences who we sympathize with and support in life. Stick around to know what I mean.

Clark, Bellamy, Octavia and the group lands on earth and find themselves in a battle with the grounders. If you look at the facts, you see that the 100 people landing from space are invaders who wants to colonize part of the grounder’s lands so that they can live in it. However, most of the viewers will side with Clark and the team in their battle with the grounders in season 1 (I happen to be one of these viewers). Why is that the case? It is because the series tells the story from the sky people’s perspective, not from the grounders perspectives. In later seasons, Grounders turn out to be good people and many of them join Bellamy, Octavia and Clark to help them solve their problems and fight with them.

If you flip the situation around, and think about how much fear the grounders would have felt when they knew some people came from space and want to take part of their lands, you might not want things to end in favor of the sky people. In fact, this really happens in the series in season 5 and things flip around. Diyoza arrives with her ship from space wanting the same thing Clarke, Bellamy and the rest of their group wanted when they arrived to earth, which is to survive. However, as viewers, most of us now side with the Grounders (Clarke and the team) and view Diyoza as an invader who should lose the war against Octavia and her Wonkru. Why? Again because of perspective. Diyoza later turns out to be a good person and helps Octavia in season 6.

The message the 100 is trying to convey here is that humans might need to view things in life from different perspectives and angles before they decide what/who/when is right and what/who/when is not.