The hidden messages behind the 100 series / Part 2

Warning, there are spoilers in this article. If you haven’t watched the 100 yet and you are planning to watch it soon, do not proceed. This is part 2 of the analysis of ‘The 100’ series, here is a link to part 1 if you haven’t read it yet. Enjoy.

Hidden message number 2: Science and Knowledge are the human’s keys to understanding the mysteries of our world. How does ‘the 100’ convey that? We’ll go through 3 stories from the 100 series to tell you how.

1- The Grounder’s religion

The creators of the 100 series made wonders when they made the grounders clash with the sky people. What’s interesting about the clash between these 2 societies is that the first one (the grounders) represent the old human societies who lacked true knowledge and science while the other one (the sky people) represent the modern societies that are full of knowledge and science. Throughout the seasons, we see how the two societies react to the exact same thing totally differently. An example would be the commander chip (the flame). The grounders turned the flame into a religious practice because they didn’t have enough knowledge to know what it really was. However, once the sky people knew about the chip, they tried to reveal the mystery of the flame using scientific reasoning until they found out later that it was an AI created by a human.

Why were the sky people closer to knowing the truth? Simply because they had more knowledge.

2 – The City of light

It’s true that the sky people had great knowledge, however the knowledge that was put in Alie was even greater. This made both the sky people and the grounders a victim to Alie’s AI powers. Raven however, the coding genius was able to crack Alie’s code and later help Clarke defeat the AI. This means that Raven was able to reveal the mystery of Alie and help in defeating it using only her knowledge (her coding abilities).

3- The primes

In season 6, we were introduced to the primes. The primes controlled their people by making them believe that they were gods. The truth was that the primes were just using knowledge to incarnate themselves into other’s bodies to live forever. The lack of science and knowledge that the people of sanctum had led them to believing that the primes are true gods. However, again Clarke and the team came to the rescue by investigating the truth. Bellamy, Clarke and the rest were able to beat the primes the moment they learned about the truth. Once they watched the experiments recordings, they realized what was truly happening.

The point here is that Bellamy and the team revealed the mystery of the primes once they learned that the incarnation was possible at sanctum. Which means that once again, they used knowledge to solve the mystery.

What do you think about these interpretations? Comment and let us know.