The rise of the dark mode

Dark mode on mobile phones is becoming more popular and more in demand. A couple of days ago, the WhatsApp dark theme became available for both android and iOS and people loved it! So what’s the secret? Why is dark mode becoming the charming feature that everyone wants in all of their favorite apps?

The short answer

The long answer

There are actually many reasons that make the dark mode in mobile applications more enjoyable to the users and we’ll take a look at some of them now.

1. Using the phone at night

Nowadays, it became nearly a routine for people to use their mobile phone before they go to sleep. They go through their social media, watch some videos online, chat with some friends… And no matter how low the phone brightness is, a white screen can still hurt your eyes if you look at it long enough at night. This is where the dark mode comes to the rescue. Having a dark background with white text is more comfortable to the eyes. It doesn’t stop here: when you get used to bright text on dark backgrounds, you start feeling that it’s easier to read.

2. Battery life

On phones with OLED screens, having dark mode enabled can benefit your battery life. This is due to the fact that this type of screens does actually turn off the pixel when it’s dark, meaning that it consumes less power. However, having dark mode is not that beneficiary for LCD screens because they do use power regardless of the pixel brightness. The good news is that eventually, most phones are going to switch to OLED screens. So even if you currently don’t benefit from battery saving, you probably will with the next mobile phone you purchase.

3. Personal preference

Aside from the benefits of the dark mode, some users like it just because it looks cooler than the regular light mode. However, it’s worthy to note here that not all people prefer the dark side. Sometimes, light mode might be a better idea (especially if you’re using your mobile phone in a place with bright light).

What about you? Which mode do you prefer?