The Rise of the Facebook Empire

There is no chance that you haven’t heard of Facebook before at least once. It is the social media giant platform. It has around 2.5 Billion monthly active users which makes it the biggest social platform in our time. The platform is growing day after day. Here’s how it all started.

How it all started

Mark Zuckerburg, a Harvard dropout, built the website from his dorm room in 2004 at the age of 19. Mark is now the CEO of Facebook. What’s extremely interesting about him is that he once turned down an offer to sell the company to Yahoo for $1B when Facebook wasn’t as huge as it is today. Mark was only 22 when he refused the $1B offer. He believed that the company was much more valuable than $1B and it seems that he was right. Today, Facebook’s value is hundreds of Billions of dollars. Since the day it was founded, Facebook grew larger and larger until it became the world’s largest social media platform that we know today.

Here are some quick facts about Facebook

1 – It was initially called ‘The Facebook’. They later dropped the ‘The’ part from the name.

2 – Mark Zuckerberg was sued by people who claimed that the idea of Facebook was stolen and it wasn’t Zuckerberg’s idea.

3 – There is a movie about the early story of Facebook called ‘The social network’. During a speech Mark gave at Harvard University, he mentioned a few things about the movie that made it look like he wasn’t happy with the movie very much.

4 – At first, it was built to be used only by Harvard students, then they expanded to other universities. They kept expanding their website until they expanded to the whole world.

5 – it owns both Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook bought Instagram for $1B and bought WhatsApp for $19B.

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