The time is now. Not tomorrow. Not Yesterday

How old are you? 18? 24? 36? 50? 80? … Whatever your age is, you’re most probably living your life either looking to achieve something in the future that you think will make you happy or dwelling on the past hoping that your life didn’t go the way it went. You also might be doing both, hoping for a better future and dwelling on the past. Guess what, you might be wasting your time. Here’s why.

Dwelling on the past doesn’t help

The past is the past. It’s there to learn from it, not to dwell on it. Whatever happened to you in the past, good or bad, shouldn’t be hunting your thoughts day and night. The more you think about something that happened to you in the past, the harder it gets to ignore it. Let go of things because the moment you ignore your negative memories is the moment you give chance for new memories to exist.

Hoping for a better future might not help

Hoping for the best outcomes in the future is not bad. However, only thinking about the future might ruin your life. If things don’t go as you expected, there’s a huge chance that you get unmotivated and depressed very quickly. Things take time, and your wishes might not happen instantly. If you are just looking for the future and not caring about what’s happening right now in your life, the future you were looking for might take a long time or might even never occur. 

The present moment is where you should live

One of the greatest books that tackle the importance of living the present moment is “The Power Of Now“. In a nutshell, this book shows you that every minute you spend regretting the past or worrying about the future is a minute lost. What matters is the present, the now. Then it gives you strategies to start living every moment as it occurs.

You are wasting your time thinking about the past that will never change. You are also wasting your time looking for a future that might not happen. What you should do however is live the current moment by all means. Enjoy the simple things you are currently doing. Whether you’re just sitting, reading, drinking coffee, or whatever you’re doing, you can enjoy your moment by just letting go all your thoughts about the past and your hopes about the future at the moment. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work for a better future. Rather what this means is that you should enjoy the things that you are doing right now while working for a better future.

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