Things you should never buy in your life

The more money you have, the more useless things you can buy without being worried. However, there are certain things that you should never buy no matter how much money you have. Here are some of them:

1 – Celebrities’ useless things

Some people are crazy enough to buy a used tissue for $5,300. Why? It’s because Scarlett Johansson was the one who used it. There are a lot of other examples of people buying stupid things just because they were owned or used by a celebrity. Here’s a list of them

Most of the time, the money celebrities make from selling the things mentioned above are later donated which is great. What isn’t great however is people buying them in the first place.

2 – Lottery Tickets

The chance of winning a lottery ticket is nearly zero, yet a lot of people buy lottery tickets in the hopes that they will be rich one day. 

If you invested the money that you used to buy lottery tickets in something else, you will most probably make more money than you’ll ever make from buying lottery tickets.

What the lottery tickets companies are selling you is HOPE. The hope that one day you will become rich. If you do become rich in the future, it will most probably NOT be from a lottery ticket that you purchased earlier.

People only focus on the ones who win, because the winners are advertised as the luckiest people in the world. The problem is that we look only at the one winner, and ignore the millions who lost.

3 – Meaningless art

Some people might buy ridiculous paintings for thousands of dollars. Some drawings are so simple that even beginners can replicate some of the paintings that were sold for so many dollars. Buying those simple paintings for thousands of dollars can hurt the true art that takes years to be mastered.

Ever heard of the taped banana art? Some people bought a banana taped to a wall for $120,000. Why would someone pay $120,000 for a banana taped to a wall? Next time you’re short on money, just tape a carrot to a wall, claim it’s art, and you’ll get your money (Note: we tried it, it didn’t work).