Tom Cruise, The Actor and the Stunt Man

Acting has always required hard work and a wide range of talents that fit different roles throughout an actor’s career. There are a lot of extremely talented actors who portray their characters in the most realistic way possible. Tom Cruise is a perfect example.

Tom always took things to the next level. He puts his life in danger in almost every action scene to make sure it is as realistic as possible. 

The following are some examples of how far Tom Cruise would go just to make a scene look more realistic.

1 – Holding His breath for 6 minutes 30 seconds for a scene.

In a scene in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Ethan (Tom Cruise) had to stay underwater for a long duration during a mission (we won’t spoil anything, go watch the movie if you haven’t).

The scene was taken in one shot and Tom had to train to hold his breath for a very long time for the shot to be realistic. Instead of relying on a stunt man, he wanted to do it himself.

In the above video, Tom Cruise states how hard it is not breathing for such a long duration as it affects the heart beat rate, and the consumption of oxygen by his whole body. Still, he managed to do it.

2 – Doing crazy jumps between buildings himself.

There are a lot of jumping and running scenes in the mission impossible franchise. During one of the scenes where Tom had to jump from one building to another, Tom broke his ankle and stalled the production of the film for a few months, all because he wanted the person jumping to be the real Ethan, not a stunt man.

3 – Tom Cruise Drives Helicopters himself.

There was a scene in mission impossible fallout where Tom Cruise and Henry are chasing each other in helicopters in between mountains. Any single mistake from the pilots would make the two helicopters crash because they were too close to each other and to the mountains. 

What did Tom do? He went to learn how to fly a helicopter so that he can fly the helicopter himself during the scene.

4 – Running on The tallest building in the world.

Yes, those scenes from Mission impossible where you see Ethan running on Burj Khalifa and jumping around are done by Tom Cruise himself and the thought itself is crazy.

Tom Even managed to take a photo of himself sitting on top of the building while being in Dubai.

5 – Hanging on a flying plane

Have you seen this clip before? No CGI was involved in this scene. Tom was handing on the plane himself. There were definitely a lot of safety measures involved in this scene like attaching Tom to the plane, however, it’s still one of the craziest stunts Tom has ever done.

How far do you think will Tom Cruise keep going? Too far maybe. Whenever you see Tom cruise in a movie, know that he has put his life in danger to make sure the movie you’re watching is as realistic as possible.

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Top image by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia / CC BY-SA

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