Top blender YouTube channels

If you’re learning Blender, and you really need some help for free, then there is no need to worry as YouTubers got you covered. This article points you to some of the top blender YouTube channels out there.

I just want to point out that the reason I wrote this article is because I searched for the term ‘top blender YouTube channels’ when writing an article earlier about blender, and I didn’t find any relevant results. So I thought, why not write the list myself?

Here you go, the following are the top 5 blender YouTube channels for you to learn blender.

1 – Blender Guru

There is no way I write a list about blender YouTubers without mentioning Blender guru.

His channel’s name says it all. He’s a guru. The channel includes so much variety of content and tutorials. 

Andrew, the owner of the channel, has created beginners tutorials, advanced tutorials, comments on some of the features that are added to blender and so on.

If you’re into learning blender through YouTube, Andrew is your guy.

On another note, Andrew had the privilege of doing a presentation at the Blender conference in 2018 and his presentation was brilliant. Here it is if you’d like to check it out.

2 – CG Geek

CG Geeks’s videos aren’t always aimed for absolute beginners, but his content is extremely useful and full of knowledge.

The things that he creates on the channel are brilliant. From rigging and animation to modeling to other things. this guy does some very educational videos that you need to check out right now.

3 – Grand Abbitt

Grant Abbitt is another awesome Blender related YouTube channel that will help you get started with many things in Blender.

Grant has some tutorials that explain things in a great way for absolute blender beginners.

He explains the details behind what he is doing and why he is doing it instead of just asking you to copy him to create something in blender.

Grant’s voice is also extremely calm and relaxing for some reason (I believe this is a subjective statement but I think many of you will agree). So you won’t get bored listening to this guy as you sometimes do when listening to others.

4 – Imphenzia

While Imphenzia does not have a lot of subscribers compared to the others (79.1k subs at the time of this writing), however the guy behind the videos is worth mentioning here.

He is most famous for his 10 minutes challenges videos where he does some low poly models in less than 10 minutes and the results are awesome.

It’s true that you may not always want to watch someone working in blender as fast as they can to win a challenge as you might not be able to always follow along. 

But the videos are still worth it if you just want a general overview about how fast you can model things later when you become an expert at blender.

5 – Royal Skies LLC

This channel is one of my favorite Blender YouTube channels out there. The channel does not contain a lot of subs compared to the others (65.8k subs at the time of this writing), however you might find it the most beneficial.

Instead of doing lengthy videos to explain simple things, Royal Skies LLC resorts to very short videos that are straight to the point.

Most of his videos are about teaching you how to do something in less than 1 minute or 2 minutes.

Each of his videos focus on one specific feature in Blender that you can learn in under 2 minutes most of the time.

While 2 minutes is a very short period of time, the guy still manages to teach things in a very clear way which is a skill not every YouTuber has.

That’s it for this article, If you know any other great Blender YouTubers that I didn’t mention (There are a lot more for sure), please share them with us in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this far and have a nice day.