Toss a toilet paper to your neighbour country

As we all know, the world wide lock down has left so many people at home with so much time to fill. We suggested 5 things to do while sitting at home not knowing what to do, however, Kai Forman decided to take things to the next level and make an awesome video of some people tossing toilet paper to each other around the world. Here’s the final result:

Awesome and fun right?

When we asked Forman what was his motivation behind working on the video, he said “I wanted to bring some light into people’s lives” and that he wanted to spread some happiness and joy which is right because tossing a toilet paper around the world is fun to both do and watch. He stated that a lot of people are now bored while stuck at home so there’s a higher chance that these people accept to participate in the making of the video if they were asked.

How did he reach all these people in the video?

He simply asked A LOT of people. Some were happy to participate, some turned him down, and some said they would participate but didn’t. Reddit was a great place to ask people to join because there are subreddits for a lot of countries around the world. Posting on these subreddits to ask for participants was the primary way Forman used to invite people to join. A lot of the participants were his friends though. He stated that ⅓ of the people in the video are people he knows personally. Forman knows a lot of people from different places because he traveled a lot due to his dad’s job. He went to so many places including Japan, Scotland, England, Houston Texas, Philadelphia and Australia.

The Editing and the final result.

Kai Forman did it all by himself, asking people to send him videos and editing the videos to get the result above. He used to edit a lot of videos before because he was a successful Youtuber once, But later decided to stop uploading any Youtube videos to focus on his university studies in video Game Design. Forman stated that he is very satisfied with the video and he uploaded it on his Youtube channel. Hopefully one day he’ll decide to dedicate more time to his Youtube channel because his content is good.

This is what Kai Forman and some people around the world did during the lock down, what about you? Leave some comments about your experience!!