Reasons why Touchless Car Washes are better

You will most probably own at least one car at some point during your life, and like everything else, there is a lot to be done when it comes to maintaining your car. 

Washing your car is one of the maintenance measures that you need for your vehicle. With that said, it’s good to know what’s the best way to wash your car. Are touchless car washers the best option?

Touchless car washers are usually safer for your car than other types of washers. Your paint is more protected when nothing touches it during the washing time. Touchless car washers leverage the pressure of water to clean your car without having to touch it at all.

Why are touchless car washers good for your car?

One of the most important advantages of touchless car washing is that nothing will be touching your car while cleaning it other than some chemicals and water.

With the right use of chemicals and the right amount of water pressure, your car can be cleaned very well and the chances of hurting your car are lowered too.

What makes the washers that use huge brushes to wash your care less safe is something that has to do with maintenance.

If the brushes were not checked after every single car wash, then there is a chance that some dirt gets stuck in the brushes which can hurt the next car to be washed.

So if you still prefer the soft touch car wash, then make sure that you pick the ones that have a great maintenance process.

Can a touchless car wash wash your car better?

Touchless car washers first use chemicals to make sure the water will clean better, then they shoot the water at the car to remove the chemicals and clean the car.

However, since the pressure of water can be extremely powerful to the point that it may hurt the car, the touchless car washers do not use a very high water pressure.

So, touchless car washers need to find a balance between cleaning the car and making sure it is not damaged. That might not make them a better cleaner than the soft touch car washers.

However, most of the time, a touchless car wash can clean your car perfectly and the difference between it and a soft touch washer in terms of cleaning can’t be noticable.

Where does the water go after washing the car?

For those who are worried about the environment like I am, rest assured that the water of the touchless car washers is usually cleaned and reused.

Since the primary method for a touchless car washer to clean a car is to shoot a huge amount of water on that car, then you might question, what happens to the water?

The water gets recycled. The process of recycling the car washing water isn’t simple. However with the right technologies and the right processes, it can be done.

Reusing water for car washing can both help lower the costs of the car washer and lower the unnecessary water consumption in some states which helps lower the chances of drought.

For those reasons, many of the car washers reuse the water many times after filtering it and making sure that it doesn’t hurt the cars.

How often should you wash your car?

It depends on where you live and where you drive. There are places where your car can get really dirty very quickly, and there are places where your car can remain clean for a long time.

The general rule is that you shouldn’t let your car be covered with dirt for a long time. If you do so, the dirt might get stuck to the car and the process of removing the stuck dirt will be hard and less safe.

If dirt is stuck to your car’s painting, then there is a higher chance that the painting gets removed with the dirt when you wash your car.

So make sure that you don’t keep any dirt on your car for a long time.

To summarize what you have just read

Touchless car washers are a better option as they are safer for your car painting. They might not be as effective as soft touch car washers when it comes to cleaning, however most of the time the difference will not be noticeable.