Voice typing, An awesome tool for writers

Almost everyone will have to write something on their computer at some point in his/her life. It could be an assignment, a blog post, a research paper, a book or anything else. One thing we can agree on is that writing will require a lot of your time,  especially  if you are not  fast enough in typing on the keyboard. Luckily for us though, the research in voice recognition, an Artificial Intelligence field,  has led to the creation of  many voice typing tools that are accurate enough to be used by writers. Google’s voice typing tool is one of those excellent tools.

How to use google’s voice typing tool.

Super simple, go to google docs, create a new document, click on tools then ‘voice typing’ and start talking. Your speech will be transformed into words as you speak. 

Why is this tool helpful?

1 – Speaking is faster that typing

We all know that we speak faster than we type. If you write a lot,  then you will end up saving a lot of time in your life.  I am currently using the tool to write this article and I’ve used it in a lot of the articles that you have read in the past on this blog. The tool saves a lot of time when you get used to it.

2 – Some disabled people will be able to write again.

There are many tools today that are trying to help disabled people use the internet and computers easier. Voice typing is one of these excellent tools. If you are not capable of  typing with your hands, voice typing will come to the rescue.

3 – The accuracy is high.

The tool isn’t perfect and there will always be mistakes. However, it is accurate enough to be used effectively by writers. Voice recognition research  is advancing day after day  which  helps in improving the voice typing tools available on the internet for people over time.

Excited to give it a try? Go ahead …