Volcanic lightning: a battle between gods and demons

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to a picture of volcanic lightning, a picture becomes worth a million words. Volcanic lightning is a breathtaking phenomenon and is one of the greatest creations of nature mankind has ever witnessed.

How does volcanic lightning happen?

This phenomenon happens when lightning strikes across the black clouds of ash and smoke above an erupt volcano. However, scientists still don’t fully understand how or why it happens in the first place! The most popular explanation is that this lightning is caused by the clouds of ash. When the particles of ash rub together, they create some sort of charge imbalance. Once the imbalance is big enough, it turns into a bolt of lightning.

Enough with the scientific talk, let’s see some lightning!

A masterpiece of nature

Swipe to the fourth picture in this Instagram post and be prepared for a majestic view. When I first saw it, I kept contemplating it for minutes. Something about it clicked with me. I could feel the picture. I felt as if it was telling me stories and teaching me lessons about life. The emotions it infused in me are countless. I felt excited, scared, motivated, energetic, sad and grateful. All at the same time.

This scene makes you wonder what other heavenly beauty there is in nature that you don’t know about. But it’s also scary when you think about what’s happening in front of you. This volcano is bringing destruction and fire, yet here it is also giving us a beautiful display.

A good title for this image would be “The battle between gods and demons”. The clash between fire and light, good and evil. 

Reflections and thoughts

One more thing that comes to mind when looking at volcanic lightning is pain. It’s a reminder that sometimes, even the pain we experience can be beautiful. And after it goes away, we get much stronger, just like the lava turning into very hard and strong igneous rocks.

That’s why you should always face your pain. Not only that, you should embrace it and lean into it. Understanding your pain is the first step on that road, and I encourage everyone reading this to learn what pain really is (especially psychological pain). Because once we know pain and understand it, we can conquer it and enjoy it.

Article’s image by R. Hadian, U.S. Geological Survey / Public domain

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