Voodoo, the Hyper Casual Games Company

Voodoo is a company founded a few years ago and is today one of the few companies that are dominating the hyper casual games market. There is a huge chance that you’ve played one of their games. Helix Jump, Rolly vortex, Hole.io, ball blast (my favorite) and much more are all published by Voodoo.

They state on their website that they have around 3.7 Billion downloads in total and 300 million monthly users. How did Voodoo manage to hit these numbers? The answer is simple, they managed to crack the hyper casual games secret (more about this later)

How did the hyper casual games market start?

Ever heard of Flappy Bird? Flappy Bird is an extremely simple game that might take less than a few hours to be created by a single game developer. The game was extremely simple yet extremely successful to the point that it made $50,000 each day.

The success of flappy bird opened the door to new opportunities for gaming studios. They knew that simple games can make a fortune, and the race towards making super simple games (later known as hyper casual games) started.

Back to the old question, how did Voodoo manage to dominate the hyper casual games market?

The answer is simple: Extensive prototypes testing.

The power of the hyper casual games is that they don’t need a lot of time to be created. Voodoo tests hundreds of games during a short period of time and they publish the ones that the people want to play. They know in advance whether the game is going to be successful or not using the tests that they make.

How do they test games?

They simply advertise the games on social platforms (mainly Facebook) on a small scale then they check whether or not people will download the game and whether or not they’ll love playing it. During the tests, if enough people download the game and play it consistently, it means that the game has a great potential and they may proceed to mass launch it.

If you’re a game developer, you can send your games to voodoo and if the game performs well during their tests, they’ll publish your game. Give it a try, it’s worth it.