watching Markiplier play games | how cool is it?

Video games are all over the internet. People aren’t only playing games, they are watching other people playing games too.

For example, watching Markiplier play games is like watching a TV show nowadays.

Some people, including me, only watch other people playing video games without playing the games themselves.

So what’s so appealing about watching others play games and should you do that too?

First, let me tell you a few things.

As of 2020, there are countless number of people on YouTube who record themselves playing video games and hope that their viewers love it.

There are many great gaming youtubers out there putting huge efforts into their ‘let’s play’ videos to keep their audience entertained.

However, most of them fall into the trap of repetition. 

Their first videos may be great, but with time, people might just get used to all of the youtuber’s reactions, words, skills and so on to the point that it becomes boring to watch more from these youtubers.

There are always exceptions though. One gaming youtuber who has never failed to keep his audience interested is Mark Edward Fischback, or better known as Markiplier.

If you love anything about gaming, then I can guarantee you that watching markiplier play games is super entertaining.

So back to the initial question. What’s so appealing about watching others play video games?

Watching Markiplier play games will answer this question.

But let’s put Markiplier aside for a minute and list why would you want to watch others play video games:

1 – Because you may not be able to afford the video game.

A lot of people just don’t want to buy the games that they are interested in. However, that does not mean that they can’t enjoy it.

How? They can just go watch a YouTube video about someone playing the game. They’ll experience the whole game without paying a penny.

Some games are incredibly amazing. Games like Firewatch, Journey and others are breathtaking and you can’t just not check them. Can’t afford them? No problem, head to YouTube and you’re good to go.

2 – You may not have the skill to play some hard video games.

The more you play games, the easier they get. Many games use the same input controls and these input controls have become a standard that game developers abide by these days

So watching skilled youtubers play games could be much more enjoying than playing the game yourself.

Though, It is still great to watch non skilled gamers play video games too.

So if you’re not a gamer, and you’d like to check this beautiful but hard game, why don’t you let someone else go through the frustration of losing over and over instead of losing yourself?

Here’s a video of Markiplier trying to beat an extremely hard and frustrating game.

If you were the one to play that game, your time would have been a misery. However, watching Mark and other youtubers suffer to beat the game can sometimes be entertaining (don’t get me wrong here. But watching people get angry on games can sometimes be).

3 – Why not?

What’s the problem with watching other people play video games?

Some might ask, why won’t you go play the game yourself? But that isn’t a very smart question.

Why don’t people play basketball, football, soccer, tennis themselves instead of watching others play?

Jimmy Kimmel once said on his show that watching other people play video games is a waste of time.

People went crazy on him, wishing him so many bad things. He had to handle the situation quickly before it got out of hand.

Here’s a video of him with Mark and another youtuber discussing the matter.

Alright now back to Markiplier, how is watching Markipler play games going to change your opinion about people watching other people play video games?

Simply because you will enjoy every single bit of it.

First of all, Mark’s voice is just epic. He has one of those deep voices which are loved in the gaming community, so that helps him a lot.

Mark is also extremely funny. He always finds something new to do and something new to say.

He has perfected the way he records himself playing video games to the point that he could be considered a benchmark by other youtubes.

As of the release date of this article, Markiplier has around 26 million subscribers on his youtube channel and counting.

So to wrap this up, if you think that people are wasting their time watching others play video games, then watching markiplier play games will change your mind.

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