What are hyper casual games

The gaming industry today is one of the biggest existing industries. In 2019, the revenue generated by gaming companies was HUGE. There are different types of games and different types of devices to run these games. We’ll be focusing on Mobile games, especially Hyper Casual games. So what are they?

Hyper casual games are very simple games that do not require the user to think at all. Usually, there’s only one thing that the user needs to do in the game. Examples of hyper causal games are helix jump.

Here are some rules that hyper casual games companies follow (I worked at one of them):

1- Each game level should not take a long time to be won or lost. 

Companies want to serve you ads as much as they can. Long sessions inside a game won’t help them do that as they can’t pop up ads in front of you while in the middle of the game. Thus they choose to keep the levels short so that they can serve ads in between the levels.

2- Users shouldn’t have to think a lot while playing the game

Usually, people play hyper casual games while doing something else.This makes the developers want to make the game in a way that does not distract the player from anything else that s/he is doing. Another reason for the game simplicity is to make sure children can play it well from their first attempts.

3- The game mechanics should be fully understood in the first few seconds

One of the strict rules that developers abide by when building hyper causal games is that the moment the player starts the game, s/he should understand the whole game in a matter of seconds. When pitching an idea for a new hyper casual game, no matter how creative the idea is, if you can’t explain it in a few simple words, there is a huge chance it might not be accepted.

Why do companies build hyper casual games?

The answer is straightforward, they are money making machines. They usually take less than 2 weeks to be built because they are simple games (some successful ones were made in less than a week). If a hyper casual game becomes a hit, it has the potential to generate millions of dollars. However, it’s not that simple. It’s a very risky business. It’s easy to develop hyper casual games, but it’s not easy to make them hit games. Hundreds of games are being submitted daily to the stores, only few make it to the top. 

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