What is Pinterest?

If you have ever made a google search looking for a photo of something, then there is a huge chance that pinterest has appeared on your list of search results. You might also find it very annoying that when you visit their website to check the images you searched for, they’ll force you to sign-up, else you won’t be able to proceed. It’s true that forcing you to sign-up before you browse their website is sometimes annoying, however that does not change the fact that 300M people visit the site every month. So what is it?

What is Pinterest?

Long story short, Pinterest is a VISUAL Search Engine. When you search for something on a regular search engine like google or ping, you get a list of links to websites related to your search results. Pinterest does the same thing, however one difference is that they associate links with images so that the search becomes visual. This means that when you search for something on pinterest, instead of getting plain links, you get images that when clicked, take to the link embedded in them.

The story does not end here, pinterest is also a social platform. People can create accounts on pinterest, and they can follow each other. This makes it both a social platform and a search engine.

How does it work?

Once registered, people can create what pinterest calls a Pin. A Pin is an image associated with a title, description and a link. However, each pin should be pinned in a container called a Board. So you Simply create a set of boards, then add each of your Pins to one of these boards. This is done to make sure pins stay organized by categories or topics. Who can see your pins? People who follow you may see the pins. Your pins may also appear in search results if the keywords that you use in your pin’s description and your pin’s title match the search queries of users. If people Like your Pin, they can save it on one of their boards so that their followers can also see your pin.

If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Have a nice day/night