What is reddit?

Short Answer: Reddit is just another social media platform. BUT… is it JUST ANOTHER social platform or is it THE SOCIAL PLATFORM?

I believe (personal opinion) that Reddit is THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM! Stick around so that I can explain.

BUT first, what is Reddit?  (Just skip this part if you know what Reddit is)

Reddit is a social media platform that focuses on topics rather than people. Instead of following people, you follow subreddits. Each subreddit is based on a topic and people post about these topics. You can follow people on reddit but no one can know how many followers you have except you. You also can’t know who follows you, you just know how many people have followed you, that’s it.

Alright Enough of the boring stuff. Here is why reddit is one of the best social platforms online:

  • The Focus is on the topic rather than on the people

Instead of scrolling through endless posts about people showing off their boring daily activities, on reddit, you scroll through endless discussions, images, threads, memes, opinions and much more about topics that you love, hate or want to know more about.  

  • Redditors (aka people with reddit accounts) do not use their real names on reddit

Most of the Redditors do not use their real names on reddit. They use nicknames instead. Why is this a good thing? Because people who are usually shy and feel afraid to participate can have a voice anonymously. Thus more people contribute and participate in conversations, debates, and many other things which makes the comments section of reddit one of the best there is.

  • Moderators of sub reddits

Each sub reddit has its own moderators. These moderators are like firewalls. Gate keepers. They rule by dictatorship. They put the rules of their subreddits and delete all posts that are irrelevant to the sub reddit.

  • The Karma system

Each user has a score called a Karma. The more upvotes you get on your posts and comments, the higher your karma is. Why is the karma system helpful? Because it filters away spammers who try to use reddit just for the sake of gaining attention, advertising themselves, or doing any other thing that exploits the social network. People who are new to reddit and have very low karma are not allowed to post or comment in certain subreddits. Although preventing people from posting or commenting in certain subreddits because of their low karma might be not a great start for a new reddit user, but it certainly contributed to getting rid of millions of spammers and made reddit a more reliable social network.

  • The ability for Redditors to sort their feed using different filters.

People of reddit are able to filter their feed. For example, you can have your feed filled with all the new posts, or you can have it filled with the best posts, rising posts, etc… Why is this a good thing? Simply because those people who sort by new down vote all the bad posts to make sure they never get to the ‘Best posts’ category. Which means that people who sort by new are like the quality assurance employees. They make sure that only the best posts reach the top.

There are a lot of other factors that contribute to making reddit one of the best social media platforms online. However, I will stop here.

If you haven’t checked Reddit yet. I advise that you do. Have a good day/night