What is sand art? A quick overview

Ever heard of sand art? What is sand art? And how good can it be? I’ll be talking a lot about sand art in the following article.

However, first let’s talk about art in general

Art in general is a human creation that people admire. Throughout history, artists from all different fields and backgrounds filled life with color using their extraordinary creations.

Take Joe Read for example, a guy that draws and animates characters of his creation. I personally kept staring at some of his drawings for a long time. 

What’s amazing about art in general is its ability to evoke thousands of emotions and thoughts by just looking at it.

Now to our topic of discussion, what is sand art?

As the name implies, it’s when artists create masterpieces using sand. 

There are great sand artists around the world like Kseniya Simonova and others. 

Whose sand artists are truly taking the sand art to a next level and proving that what you can do with sand is limitless.

Here’s a video of Simonova during a stunning performance that she did on the Britain’s Got Talent show

Simonova created a whole touching story in ONLY 4 minutes. With her astonishing ability, she moved the whole audience and she got a standing innovation for her excellent sand performance.

Notice the level of control she has over the sand. Not a single mistake throughout the whole performance.

She didn’t have to fix any of the sand that she threw on the glass to make it look better, as she already perfectly placed the sand falling from her hand at every second.

Still asking what is sand art? Here’s more for you.

When someone says sand art, you might not imagine it in the way that you just saw in the above video.

You’re right, sand art isn’t just limited to just moving sand on a piece of glass, it’s also creating breathtaking sculptures on the beach.

Take this one as an example:

And another one:

Impressive right? These aren’t even some of the best beach sand sculptures that exist around. There are some astonishing sand sculptures that can make your jaw drop when you see them

You can google great sand art and check some of the greatest sand sculptures ever made by yourself.

Who can be a sand artist? Everyone of course. In fact, many of us already are sand artists (unskilled sand artists to be precise).

If you have visited the breach for at least once in your life, there is no way you haven’t tried to build anything using sand.

You have at least built a mountain of sand which you were very proud of. If you haven’t built something with sand on the beach, then you have at least built something for your children to enjoy and play with.

If you haven’t tried it at all, you should, because it literally feels great. You’re reforming the shape of soft sand with your bare hands and some other tools.

Even though the results may not be worthy of being posted on your Instagram account, it will still feel great that you have actually built something using sand.

Now that we’ve answered what is sand art, why don’t we see how it is made?

So, What’s the process of making sand sculptures?

I won’t tell you the process myself (because I am no way near being a sand artist), but I will show you a video of people creating awesome things using sand.

You can tell from the video that the process of creating sand sculptures is just a bunch of people moving sand around in a professional way for a very long time.

Let’s talk about drawbacks and then end this article.

Here are some drawbacks that aren’t really drawbacks but more of ‘the hard side of creating sand art’

1 – The art can be very easily destroyed.

Since you’re creating art with a material that can be very easily deformed by the slightest forces, you might lose your work very quickly.

But even though the work may be destroyed easily, it is still worth all the time and effort put to it.

2 – Sand isn’t easily accessible for all people all the time

In the case of the sand art on the glass, this may not be an issue. 

But if you’re building large sculptures, you’ll need to have access to huge amounts of sand, and you may not be able to do that.

3 – Requires a lot of physical effort.

This is usually common between all artwork. You have to put a tremendous effort in creating things that are appealing to people.

However, in the case of sand art, the physical effort is on another level. 

It may take you hours to build something and you’ll need to be very accurate during the whole period of creating your masterpiece because any mistake can destroy your work and you’ll have to start all over (or give up).

That’s it for today’s article, what is sand art to you? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.