Where does greed come from?

Since the dawn of history, greed has been one of the main causes of so many catastrophic events that have affected many people from all eras.

There are many questions about greed in general that have been hunting so many humans for years. Mainly, where does greed come from?

So, Where does greed come from?

It comes from ourselves. Humans are the source of all the greed around us.

You might say that we already know that greed is a human action and thus it has to be from within ourselves so what’s new here?

That’s absolutely right, but what I would also like to add to the above statement is that greed exists in EVERY HUMAN BEING.

We’re born with a tendency to be greedy, and that needs to be controlled. I’ll talk more about this later in the article.

But before I say anything else, let me first define greed for you in a formal way.

According to the Cambridge dictionary website, Greed is : “a strong desire to continually get more of something, especially money”

So it’s the need to take more, to be superior. If you’re greedy, it means that you’re trying to take what might belong to others even though you don’t need it.

Greed could easily turn into an addiction. A person can become addicted to being greedy. You always want more of things that you never need.

This can cause huge problems both on a personal level and on a society level.

How can greed be a problem on a personal level?

The more greedy a person becomes, the less satisfied he/she will become.

If a person always wants more, he/she will never get to feel the pleasure of owning the things that he/she has.

This could cause huge mental issues to the person and might cause them to do crazy things they would have never thought of doing before.

How can greed be a problem on a society level?

Societies are made up of people. If people are becoming more greedy, the whole society will be disrupted.

Actions that are caused by greed affects not just the greedy person, but other people as well.

When you take more of what you need, you’ll end up depriving someone else from their needs. This tells you that the more greed we have in a society, the less balanced it becomes.

Now back to the original question of where does greed come from.

Again, greed stems from humans and here’s why.

From the moment that a person is born, he/she will start fighting for their needs. The need to be fed, the need to have fun, the need to be loved and so on.

The pleasure that a person feels when they get the thing they want can be addictive. And as we already know, people are usually willing to do whatever they have to do to satisfy their addictions.

How do you feed your addiction to the pleasure of taking the things that you want? By taking more, by wanting more. That is the root of all the greed that we find around the world.

Why is child envy a thing? Because children who used to have the pleasure of having all the loves for themselves are now feeling threatened. 

To protect their territory, to feed their addiction of the pleasure that comes from their parent’s love, they act differently, they feel envy. They act greedy. 

There are millions of other examples in the daily human actions that demonstrate the greed inside every human.

You might have already eaten enough, but you still may choose to eat those steak slices and not leave them for others… I’ll leave the millions of other examples for you to figure out by yourselves.

A question that might come to your mind after reading all this is:

If we’re all greedy, does that mean that we’re doomed?

The answer is that it depends.

Like everything in life, there are different levels of greed. 

A person has to be greedy to a certain level to survive, so that greediness should be considered a good trait as it’s the reason we’re alive today.

However, the problem becomes when people choose to take their greatness into higher levels. 

That way, you’ll first start affecting your personal life in a negative way, then you may start affecting the environment around you, and you may later end up affecting the whole world.

This brings the next question, How bad can greediness be?

It can be really bad. Especially in our days.

Back in the old days, it wasn’t so easy to end the world, today it is.

Many countries around the world now have nuclear weapons that can cause the extinction of so many species on earth including the human race.

Presidents around the world have the power to launch nuclear missiles, and if these presidents let their greed for power control their decisions, then we’re all doomed.

Some people claim that the 4th world war will be fought with sticks and stones. However, some think that there might not be a 4th world war at all if a 3rd world war that involves nuclear weapons occurs.

Why? Because humans may not even exist to start a war.

What I am saying here is that greediness can be a huge problem. We need to act on this, and it’s not going to be easy.

Is there a way to limit the possible catastrophic effects of greediness?

There definitely is, however, it’s not going to be easy.

The whole system that the humans abide by today encourages greediness. 

You see people online living the good life, making tons of money, and all of what you think of at that moment is that you want to become like them.

This causes many people around the world to fall into the trap of wanting more money even though they may never need an excess of it in their entire life.

There’s always a chance of a change however. Start by yourself, take what you need, leave the rest for others. Teach others to do the same and the message may spread. 

You may choose to live a minimalist life and it could turn out to be excellent for you.

If you have read this far, thank you. Do you have any other theories of where does greed come from? If yes, we would like to read your thoughts in the comments section below.