Why do people dye their hair | 4 reasons

Dying human hair has been around since a long time now, and it’s getting more common everywhere. But why do people dye their hair instead of sticking to their original looks?

There are many reasons why people would want to dye their hair different colors. It could be that they need a change in themselves to overcome depression, or they just want to copy their best celebrity, or that they just love dying their hair different colors because it looks good.

To break it down more for you, here are a few reasons ranked from simple to more controversial of why people dye their hair with unusual colors.

1 – They just want a change in their style.

I know this is extremely obvious and you might already know that, but I’ll just mention it quickly first and then move on.

Dying hair is one of so many methods used by people in an attempt to look better and stand out in the crowd.

Tattoos, colorful hair, makeup, earrings and so on, are all different forms of attempts to look better.

Some people might just do it for fun and nothing else. People usually love to try new things, and having a different hair color is something really interesting to try.

If you ask some of your friends with different hair colors why they chose to dye their hair, most of them will just tell you that they wanted to give it a try and see how it looks.

So yes, a very obvious reason for dying your hair crazy colors is that you just want to try it out or you just think you’ll look better if you go for it.

2 – Some do it to raise money for charity

This might be very less common but some people do it for charity, mainly famous people.

Markiplier did it for example. If you don’t know who Mark is, here is an article I have written that includes a lot of info about him.

Basically he is a very famous YouTuber who plays video games. In one of his live streams, he challenged people that if they donate more than $100,000 to charity during a live stream, he will dye his hair a different color.

Others have done it too, So yes, even though it’s less common, people may choose to dye their hair for charity.

3 – People might want to copy famous celebrities.

There are many celebrities who are dying their hair different colors. Billie Eilish, Ricky Martin, and others have dyed their hair crazy colors at some point in their lives.

Many celebrities are dying their hair during the quarantine too and here is a list of some of them in this business insider article.

As someone who absolutely loves your celebrity idol, you might really choose to copy their style and go for a colorful hair just because they did it.

Many people copied Billie’s hair colors throughout the years for example. And many copy other celebrities hair colors too.

So yes, dying your hair with different colors to copy a celebrity is a thing and is very common.

4 – Body changes help overcome depression

This might not be very obvious to you, but dying your hair can really help you battle depression.

One of the main reasons for depression is routine and the infinite repetition of things in your life. Any single positive change in your body can help you battle depression.

Dying your hair is one of these changes that can really help.

The more a person is depressed, the more he/she just wishes that they can start a completely new life and be someone else.

Dying your hair can give you that sense of feeling that you’re someone new now.

Physical changes in people have a great impact on their inner self too, so dying your hair will give you the sense of change in both your body and your soul.

Many people have battled depression during this quarantine, and you’ll find more people dying or cutting their hair just to feel a change in themselves, and it’s working most of the time.

An example would be one of the best football players in our generation Lionel Messi.

Lionel missed a penalty in the Copa America finals and his country lost the competition after it. 

Messi was facing a really hard time and he even chose to retire from international football after the loss.

Most people did not want Messi to retire for sure, some of them tried to convince Messi to stay and it worked.

Messi chose to dye his hair during that time, and the next season with his team Barcelona, Messi was back even better than he used to be.

I’m not saying that dying his hair solved all of his problems, what I am saying here is that Messi wanted a new beginning, and he, as many others, chose to dye their hair to help him in the process.

In fact, Messi himself said that he did it because there was a lot happening and he wanted to start from zero, he wanted a new beginning.

There are many other examples of course, but I’ll stick to the ones above.

Why should you be careful not to dye your hair too much?

It’s good to mention that if you want to dye your hair, you need to be careful not to do it too much and you also need to be careful of how you do it.

This article suggests that dying your hair does have a permanent damage effect on it. And you may already know that dying your hair will definitely cause some permanent damage.

So just be careful whenever you choose to dye your hair.

Is dying your hair blue really associated with mental illness?

One last question I would like to tackle is this one. Some people believe for some reason that dying your hair is a sign of mental illness, especially dying your hair with the blue color.

While this does not make any sense, some people might think that dying your hair a blue color is a sign of mental illness because people usually dye their hair when they are depressed and because blue is the best color for mentally ill people according to a study mentioned here.

But, associating mental illness with dying your hair different colors is definitely not accurate and many examples can prove that.

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