Why is Skateboarding so fun | 4 reasons

Sports in general are always a great way to pass time and to stay healthy, and Skateboarding is one of them. I’ll be talking about Skateboarding in this article. Specifically about why is Skateboarding so fun.

Skateboarding is so much fun because of the freedom that you get when you are roaming around with no particular goal in mind. You just move your body endlessly and hover over the road enjoying everything around you.  

But you may ask, why would moving around with no particular goal in mind be fun?

It’s because it gives you the sense of exploration.

You may pass through the same road hundreds of times, but every time you do, you have a destination in mind. When you’re skateboarding, you usually don’t have a destination in mind and you just roam around exploring things you haven’t noticed around you before.

You move around and keep changing your direction towards whatever way your body leads you to, and this awakens the sense of exploration in you, which is extremely fun.

I always love to keep referencing video games in everything, and I’ll do it again here. 

Take Minecraft as an example. Minecraft has been one of the most successful games in the industry. In its early stages, the game had no goal at all. It’s only you and the world. You destroy things and then use the materials you collect to build other things and that’s it.

What makes Minecraft so popular is this sense of exploration. Although the game had no goal at all, people still loved it due to the open possibilities of moving around and building things for the sake of building and nothing more.

Same thing applies in the case of skateboarding. Although you do not have anything in mind when moving around, it’s still a great sense of exploration as you feel that you’re ready for any road change, any obstacle and so on.

You are 100% right if you think that the feeling of exploration isn’t just exclusive for skateboarding. In fact many other sports unleash your sense of exploration, and skateboarding is one of them.

Here are 4 other reasons why skateboarding is so much fun.

1 – You move slowly.

Moving slowly might not sound great to you at the beginning, because speed is always great. However, there are things that you get to enjoy while moving slowly that you can’t enjoy when moving fast.

When you’re moving slowly while skateboarding, you can take more time enjoying the journey rather than the destination. You get more time to stare at things around you while you’re roaming around.

2 – Easy control

Skateboarding is not easy at all, however the very basics are indeed easy to grasp. As soon as you get comfortable with your skateboard, it becomes part of you. You start moving around effortlessly on your skateboard.

Skateboarding requires a little bit of balance and great legs movements. Once you practice enough, it starts feeling like skating is as easy as walking, and it doesn’t require 100% focus anymore as you become very used to it.

This is so much more fun than many other sports as it doesn’t require your full focus all the time which gives you a chance to do other things like catching a ball, drinking a cup of coffee and so on.

You can’t drink a cup of coffee effortlessly when you’re riding a bicycle for example because you need to stay 100% focused even though you are a skilled rider.

3 – You can learn simple tricks very quickly.

What’s more fun than learning sports tricks? Skateboarding has some awesome and easy tricks that you can learn as a beginner.

What’s so much fun about learning skateboarding tricks is that you get to show off in front of your friends and family.

The pleasure and fun that you feel when learning a new skateboarding trick is priceless.

4 – Friendship

Learned some tricks? Why don’t you show them to other people who are interested in skateboarding. That way you can make new friends and maybe teach them your new tricks while they teach you theirs.

New friendships are always fun. Skateboarding is an excellent way to meet other people that you can share something with, and that by itself is a great reason for you to give skateboarding a try.

Final words

While skateboarding is so much fun, it can sometimes be dangerous. So you always need to make sure that you take all the safety measures seriously and make sure not to attempt any tricks that you aren’t ready to learn yet.

Have fun and stay safe.