4 reasons why obstacles are important in life

Whenever you finally feel that life is good, life hits you again with another obstacle in an attempt to tear you apart. This is how life works. One thing that you might be missing however is that these obstacles are important in your life.

The obstacles that life throws at you are important for your growth, your experience, your strength and so on. The more obstacles you go through, the more advanced you become at tackling problems in your life. 

Life is like a video game, the more obstacles you solve, the stronger you become. The more advanced you get, the better the reward becomes.

The following is a list of why are obstacles important in life

1 – You gain more experience

Experience in life is the best asset that you can create for yourself. It’s great to be knowledgeable about life topics. However, without experience your knowledge is just a bunch of theories in mind that you have not put into practice.

Life obstacles force you to gain experience. When life throws failures at you, rejections, hardships, bad luck, and so much more, then it’s forcing you to stand up and gain the experience needed for later.

The more obstacles you face in life, the more experience you gain. This experience will come in handy in later stages of your life and other’s lives too if you decide to share your experiences with people.

You may have already heard about Aristotle’s 3 modes of persuasion. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher claimed that here are 3 things that you should have in order to persuade an audience. These 3 things are:

  • Ethos: Your credibility as a speaker or writer
  • Pathos: Use emotions in your favor
  • Logos: Use logic and facts

The ability to persuade people is an excellent skill to have, and the experience that you gain from life obstacles can help you in you gain that skill.

Experience can give you enough credibility in front of an audience. The more you go through in life, the more credibility (or Ethos) you have and the more respect you gain from an audience.

Take Elon Musk for example, when this guy talks about Artificial Intelligence(AI) and how evil it can be, people listen much more carefully to him than to someone who barely has an idea about what artificial intelligence is.

Even though Elon might be wrong about what he thinks will happen because of AI, people will take his words more seriously than others. Why? Because he has gained so much experience in life after it has thrown at him the worst obstacles a person can face.

What about Pathos and Logos? The more obstacles you go through in life, the more emotional stories you’ll have and the more logical your process of thinking becomes.

So to wrap this section up, life obstacles gives you the experience needed to achieve great things and gain the power of persuasion.

2 – You advance to higher levels

Again, this is where the video games analogy comes in. Life is like a video game and to smoothly play through it, you’ll need the strength that you have gained from previous levels to be able to beat the next levels.

So, your life obstacles are always preparing you for the future and are making you stronger each time. This means that the obstacles that you are facing now are extremely important for your future.

On a side note, some people believe that life is a simulation and that the video game analogy might not be just an analogy after all. Learn more about it here.

3 – The more obstacles, the higher the rewards

What would you feel if you had successfully passed a simple test that you only needed an hour to prepare for?

Probably a little bit of happiness and confidence.

On the other hand, how would you feel if the startup that you had been working on day and night for several years has finally made it to the list of top 10 most successful startups in your country?

Probably the happiest person on earth right?

See the point here? The bigger the obstacles, the higher the rewards. All of these obstacles that you are going through in life are helping you reach the ultimate rewards of life.

4 – You’ll have memories to talk about

I mention memories a lot on this blog, and I’ll mention them again here. When you grow up very old and you gather your grandchildren around you for a story, your stories will be much more interesting if you have tackled a variety of obstacles in life.

Each obstacle will have its own story, it’s own challenges, and it’s own memory. When it’s the time for you to rest, these memories will be your only companion.

If you believe that you’re not having enough obstacles in life, then you need to go on adventures and seek challenges by yourself, else you might miss the opportunity of having the best memories of your life.

Final words

Obstacles are important in life because they define you and make you who you are today. The bigger the obstacles, the bigger the challenge and the bigger the reward. Obstacles help you gain the experience needed to become a wise person and to achieve great things for you and others.

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