Why should you adopt a Long-term oriented mindset

I’ll start with a Quick story about me.

I am a software developer. During one of the lectures that I was attending at University, one of my instructors mentioned game development, and how much money developers are making by building games. The first thing that came to my mind was that I TOO SHOULD LEARN GAME DEVELOPMENT and make a lot of money as every other successful game developer did. I learned game development, built my first 2 games, launched them with HUGE excitement thinking about how much success these 2 games would make. However, as you might expect, the reality hits and the games barely get a few downloads. As a result, I gave up building games and decided to go for something else. I also regretted wasting my time building these games as I could have done anything else.

Here is the problem… I was thinking SHORT-TERM. I was later offered a Game development job position at one of the most successful companies in my country BECAUSE OF one of the 2 games that I built. If I was thinking long-term when I built the games, I would have known that it is extremely rare to build a hit game if you are just a beginner, and I would have also known that even though the first few games that I built weren’t successful, they will definitely give me an entry to the professional game development world at some point later in my development career, which is what really happened.

Give long-term benefits the priority

The point that I am trying to make here is that whenever you decide that you want to search for a new opportunity in your life, do not just evaluate your options based on the short-term gains because you may miss out the true life changing opportunities. For example, one of these great opportunities that you might miss is investing your side money into the market. Investing even a very small amount of your side money in stocks, bonds, gold or any other option may not generate huge profit for you in the short term but there is a big chance that you may gain a lot in the future because of these tiny investments you made.

Take aways?

The take away from this article is that you should always give higher priority to the long-term benefits when deciding what is financially the best option for you out of the options that you are considering for the future.