Reasons why you should celebrate anniversaries

Anniversaries are our way back machines to revisit major past events in life and keep them in memory. If you’re not sure whether you should celebrate certain anniversaries, then this article is for you.

Celebrating anniversaries can be extremely important in your life. It helps you reconnect with your past events, reminds you of your life commitments, allows you to keep the memories of the dead, and strengthens your connections with your beloved ones.

Before I proceed to stating why you should celebrate anniversaries, I would like to point something out.

Whenever you hear someone mention the word anniversary, marriage may be the first thing that comes to your mind. 

However, there are millions of other events that can have their own anniversary celebrations as well. Birthdays, deaths, start-ups launch day, historical events like independence days can have their own anniversaries that can be celebrated as well.

So I’ll not only be mentioning marriage anniversaries here, but also other anniversaries as well.

1 – Why should you celebrate your marriage anniversary.

Our lives are a series of adventures and special moments. Your wedding day is one of these moments.

Your wedding day is the mark of a new beginning, a new life, a lifetime commitment and a lot more.

When you celebrate your marriage anniversary, it means that you are acknowledging the importance of your marriage. It also means that you are renewing your love and your commitment towards your partner in life.

Celebrating marriage anniversaries renews the trust between you and your partner, and reminds you of the reasons why you chose to spend the rest of your lives with them under one roof.

Some people might claim that if your partner trusts you, then they shouldn’t be worried about whether you decide to celebrate your marriage anniversary or not. 

If you are one of these people, allow me to tell you that this is not the case at all. No matter how much you trust someone, you always still need reminders from them of why you are together.

Humans are social creatures, and they always need to be reminded that someone loves them and someone cares about them. If you as a partner do not take that responsibility towards your loved one, then who will?

Devorce rates in the US are a big problem these days. Remembering small things like marriage anniversaries can help you maintain a great and a healthy relationship with your partner.

One thing to note here, the celebration can be as simple as buying a flower for your partner. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, so do not let your financial status prevent you from celebrating marriage anniversaries.

2 – Why should you celebrate birthdays

Your friends are an important part of your life and it would mean the world to them if you remember them on their birthdays.

Again, you don’t need to be extremely fancy here. Just don’t wait for Facebook to remind you of your best friend’s birthday and try your best to give them a proper ‘Happy birthday’ message.

Reminding your friend on their birthday of how much influence they have on your life would give them a sense of purpose in life.

It feels great when one of your friends remembers you on your birthday, the date that you joined the rest of the human beings on Earth. So make sure that you are that friend when the birthday of your best friend is near.

Also, birthday anniversaries can mean new beginnings for you. Whenever your birthday comes, remind yourself of your past, your achievements, your goals, your mistakes and so on. A new year for you is a new chance to make things better and to live happier.

3 – Death anniversaries

Everyone in this life will have to face the brutality of losing someone they love or care about. This is just how life works.

While it’s always important to be able move on with your life and adapt to the sudden death of someone you care about, it’s also important to keep their memories alive with you.

When you remember the people that you cared about on their death anniversary, you remind yourself of everything they have taught you, you remind yourself of why they were important in your life.

It also feels great if you know that those people who you care about still exist in life. They might not exist physically, but they will always exist in your memories.

4 – Start-ups launch date anniversary

Have you ever started your own business? If you have, then you already know how hard it is to keep your business alive and help it grow.

If you have started a business, and you and your team were able to survive for a year, then you deserve a celebration for your hard work and your commitment.

Take some time to celebrate your business’s anniversary and to remind yourself of the reasons why you started in the first place.

After every new year for your start-up, it’s a good practice to assess the success of your start-up, remind yourself of the purpose behind your start-up in the first place and plan for the future.

So make sure that you don’t ignore the anniversaries of your Start-ups as they can be of a great importance.

5 – Historical events anniversaries

These types of anniversaries involve the community around you as a whole and not just yourself. An example can be the Independence day of your country.

Celebrating historical events in a country raises the sense of community inside each individual living inside the country. They unite the people of the country despite all their differences and remind them of the day that they gained their freedom.

To sum things up

While it’s important to always look for the future and work for making it a better place for you and others, it’s also important to revisit some of the major events in your past in order not to lose yourself during your journey in life.

So the final take away here is that you need to make sure to always celebrate anniversaries.

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