World cup vs champions league | which is better?

If you’re a hardcore football fan (soccer fan), then you have already witnessed so many world cup vs champions league debates among other football fans.

Which one is better? Which one is more entertaining to watch? Which one is more important? Which one is more competitive?

The questions are endless when it comes to the world cup vs champions league debate. Need a short answer?  Here you go:

The answer is that it depends …

For people who rarely watch football, the world cup might be the answer for them. But when it comes to true and hardcore football fans, the world cup vs champions league debate almost always ends up crowning the Champions league.

I am a true football fan and I believe that the Champions league is way better that the World Cup. The Champions league is by far the biggest football competition ever.

But Why? 

If you watch football regularly, then you already know the answer, it’s the extraordinary football teams that compete each year to win the prestigious football title (The Champions League).

When you think of the champions league, you think of Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juventus, PSG, Man United and so much more.

These legendary football clubs are all put together in one tournament and each trying to grab the champions league title for itself.

As you may already know, the European football has some of the best leagues around the world. La Liga, The Premier League, Serie A and others have always been full of competition and excitement.

Pick the top teams from the top European leagues, make them compete against each other and you’ll get yourself one of the biggest sports events in history. This is exactly what the Champions League organizers did.

I may have made the answer to the World cup vs Champions League debate an easy one, but in fact it’s not that easy to pick one between the two if you consider different factors. 

So let’s go through some of these factors one by one.

World cup vs champions league in terms of revenue

The Russian world cup in 2018 has made around 6.1 Billion dollars as stated in this New York Times article.

The Champions League however made around 2.8 Billion dollars in the 2018/2019 season.

In terms of the revenue, the World cup wins the competition. However, there is a key point to take into consideration here.

The Champions League is held every year while the world cup is held every 4 years. So the collective revenue might side with the Champions league.

World Cup vs Champions league in terms of viewership

Fifa claims that the 2018 world cup final attracted a global audience of 1.18 BILLION. This number is just insane. They also claim that the whole competition attracted 3.57 Billion views.

The 2019 champions league final was watched by 11.3 million viewers on the BT Sports channel which owned the rights to air the match. 

While the number of people who watched the Champions league final from all platforms combined is much higher than 11.3M, it still can’t compete with the world cup numbers.

However, for the true football fans, these numbers might not really matter a lot.

what matters is the competitiveness in the matches themselves, and when it comes to that, the Champions league is the answer.

World cup vs Champions league in terms of competitiveness.

Champions league matches are better than the world cup matches. Why?

The National football teams do not have enough time to fully prepare for the world cup matches.

The players in a national team rarely play alongside each other, they don’t have enough time to raise the chemistry between them and make full use of their collective capabilities.

Football clubs however have all the time they need to prepare for the Champions League season, the players have played alongside each other every week for years.

The football clubs players know their teammate’s style on the field, which makes things much more easier during a match.

Football clubs can pick any player from around the world to join their team (if they have the money needed of course). This means that they have much more flexibility when it comes to picking up their players.

The national teams who compete in the world cup however are only limited to players from the country they represent.

While countries like Spain and Brazil aren’t much affected by the rule, other countries like Portugal, Argentina and others are severely affected.

I mentioned Argentina and Portugal because they both have the best players in the world on their team, yet neither of these players managed to win the world cup for his country.

These are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of course, the greatest football players of our generation.

Both players however didn’t have the best teammates a player could have on their side when playing for their country. This ended up in neither of them winning the world cup title up to this date

So why is the competitiveness in the champions league much higher than the world cup? Simply because the teams that are participating in the world cup tournament can’t beat the Champions League teams.

To Conclude

Whenever someone pulls up the World Cup VS Champions League debate in front of you, just ask them what metrics they consider to be the deciding factor.

If it’s numbers, world coverage, popularity and revenue, then the world cup may win.

But if it’s competitiveness, then people would be out of their minds if they don’t crown the champions league as a winner.

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