World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is it real?

For some reason, many people love to watch other people fighting each other. The love of watching violence has yielded many entertainment shows like World Wrestling Entertainment which are centered around people violently hitting each other to win a title.

Some of these violent shows include real fights like Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), other shows fake fights yet are still super entertaining to a lot of people. 

World wrestling Entertainment is one of the shows that fakes the fights that happen in the ring, Yet it is still more entertaining than many of the real fights competitions that exist.

First, What is world wrestling entertainment?

WWE is a show where athletes fight each other in a ring for the hope of winning titles. Some of the titles that can be won are the WWE Champion, the WWE Divas Champion, the World Heavyweight, the United States Champion, the Tag Team Champions and much more. 

Throughout the history of the show, athletes like John Cena, Triple H, The Bella Twins, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and much more have fighted each other in a square ring in front of large audiences and have entertained millions of people for many generations. 

Some WWE athletes have gained so much fame outside the ring too due to the Show’s popularity in the US and all around the world too. Some decided to be movie stars and were very successful like The Rock.

A group of people, especially young ones, still believe that WWE is not scripted when in fact it is. 

It’s true that there are some clips from the WWE show that are extremely violent and might leave you thinking that there is no way this can be scripted, however, it really is planned ahead. 

The athletes know who’s going to win before the match starts and they give their best to make the fight as believable as possible. Here’s a video from Business Insider talking about why people shouldn’t feel bad that WWE is scripted:

WWE being scripted is totally normal and expected, because it’s a show and it aims for entertainment. It’s true that WWE superstars are actors, however, their job might be much harder than the job of a regular movie actor because the wrestlers have to act LIVE. They have to act in front of millions of people live and any mistake done during the show cannot be fixed or reshooted. 

Also, being scripted does not mean that the wrestlers are 100% safe all the time. When you’re pretending that you’re fighting, there definitely will come a time when you’ll accidentally hit or injure your opponent unintentionally and it has happened many times during some WWE matches.

Final words: people should think of World Wrestling Entertainment as a show and not care about it being scripted because WWE is all about stories and it’s fun to watch.

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Image from WikiMedia