You should ALWAYS talk to yourself

Talking has always been the number one direct conversation with people in general. But what if you decide to use it with yourself? Here’s a little secret for you: you should always talk to yourself.

Why should you talk to yourself? Talking to yourself relieves your stress, expresses your emotions in a priceless way, keeps you up to date with your life events, and kicks the loneliness away even though you’re technically alone when you talk to yourself

But  you may ask, how can talking to yourself keep you up to date with your life events?

You can’t really tell yourself things that you don’t know can you? But you can take some time with yourself to think and talk about life events that may have happened very quickly.

Life is a series of events that are occurring one after another very quickly. You wake up today with a list of life events and problems, and you’ll wake up tomorrow with a new list of new problems and new events.

If you really think about it for a second, there is literally no time for you to think about most of your life events.

When was your last time when you sat with yourself and had a decent conversation about what you have been through in the last couple of weeks?

If you can’t remember when, then you really need to start talking to yourself about things. Keep yourself up to date.

Just sit down somewhere alone, talk about all the life events that you have encountered during the last couple of days or weeks, and see how much of a great impact this will have on your mental health.

Make sure you talk to yourself in private as you don’t want anyone to hear out your honest conversations with yourself and drive out wrong conclusions about you.

If you’re not convinced yet that you should always talk to yourself, here are some quick benefits of talking to yourself that may change your mind.

1 – You won’t worry about being understood wrong.

Who can understand what you’re going through better than yourself? No one I guess.

But first, I need to point something out, talking is one of the forms of expression that our brain can use to relieve emotional stress and other things.

Our brains use different things to express feelings and thoughts. 

Tears, laughter, smiles, and so on are all ways that our brains can use to get out all the hidden emotions inside ourselves which will have a great impact on our mental health. Talking is one of these methods used by our brains.

So, talking about your day/week in general has an enormous benefit on your mental health. And talking to yourself is even better. For the reasons mentioned in this article.

2 – it can keep you motivated

Motivation has always been a great deal in our lives. If you’re motivated enough to build a better future for you and maybe for others, you will be able to do things much easier.

However, lack of motivation has been a huge thing in our societies nowadays. You see people watching motivational videos to get motivated, which is something that you shouldn’t do and I have written a full article here of why you shouldn’t watch motivational videos regularly.

In the article, it is mentioned that the best motivation source is yourself. When you talk to yourself regularly, you can keep yourself motivated.

Let’s say you have started your own company and you’re feeling less motivated than you were before.

Just sit down with yourself and talk about it regularly. Talk about the reasons you have started in the first place, the reward at the end of the tunnel, the impact the company can have on other people and so on.

If you use the proper conversations with yourself, you will find yourself restoring the motivation that drove you this far in life. 

3 – there are no limits of what you can say.

This is one of the greatest things about talking to yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can hide or feel afraid to say.

The whole conversation will be pure honesty. You can blame yourself very harshly if you’ve done something terrible, you can congratulate yourself on great achievements and so on.

Usually, friendships with other people are the strongest when you feel no obligation to watch any word you say when you’re talking with your friend.

But these kinds of friendships are extremely rare and they almost do not exist, so why not be a friend with yourself? The strongest form of friendship you can encounter in life is a friendship with yourself.

4 –  You are always available

Even if you have a great friend by your side, your friend won’t always be available for a quick conversation about how things are currently going in your life.

However, you are always available for yourself to talk. Whenever you feel the need to think about something and talk about it out loud, you’ll find yourself available.

One question that might come to you.

How will the public react to the conversations with myself?

There is no doubt that it can be really awkward when you talk to yourself in front of people, so you really don’t need to do it in front of everyone.

Just find a private spot and talk to yourself about things.

If you do it regularly, someone will definitely hear you one day and when it happens, the way you react decides their reaction too.

You can immediately let them know that you’re talking to yourself about things that matter to you and that they should try it themselves one day because of its tremendous benefits on all levels.

That way, you will have clarified the things that they have just heard and you may have also convinced them to do the right thing.

So my final words would be that not only you should talk to yourself, but you should also encourage others to do so as you may be doing them a huge favor.

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