3 reasons why you shouldn’t threaten to leave your job

Let’s say that you have reached a point in your career where you think that you deserve a promotion or a raise at your job. How would you approach your manager? One path some employees choose is to threaten to leave their job. Should you do it too? of course not.

You should not threaten to leave your job. Threatening to leave your job will do you more harm than good. You will most probably not get what you’re asking for, and your work environment might see you differently.

The following are some elaborated reasons why you shouldn’t threaten to leave your job

1 – You might not be treated well after you threaten to leave

One of the most important requirements to be happy during your job is to have a healthy environment around you when you’re working.

If you already have that healthy environment at your workplace, then you should protect it at all costs.

Once you threaten your manager to leave them if they don’t give you what you want, they might not think of you the same way they used to as they might consider your threat as a betrayal.

That could lead them to change the way they treat you even if they gave you what you want.

If your manager is not treating you very well, then your work environment will turn against you and you might hate every single second you spent working for that manager.

So, Do not risk a great work environment by threatening to leave if you don’t get what you want

2 – The Employer might respond to your threat with firing you

I believe you already know that people do not usually like to be threatened. Especially those with more power.

This means that you can get fired if you threaten to quit. Always be careful not to get yourself fired when asking things from your manager.

If you weren’t serious about quitting, and you weren’t ready to quit, then it won’t end up very well for you if you suddenly get fired.

So make sure that you calculate your next more correctly before taking it.

3 – It shows that you are in it for the money

While it’s true that you need a job to make money and survive, what’s more important is that you work to make the world a better place.

If you don’t love what you do, and if you’re only doing it for the money, then there is a good chance that you’re not happy at work.

Given that your work will cover most of your life span, if you’re not happy during work, then it means you’re not happy in life.

A company would do much better if everyone on board isn’t working only for the money, but for the greater benefit of the company and the value it provides to the market.

If you’re threatening to leave because your personal gains weren’t enough for you, then this is a signal to your manager that you are in it for the money and nothing else.

Take Steve Jobs’ Apple for example. One of Steve’s employees stated that if you wanted to keep your job at Apple, you had to prove yourself every single day.

If you are depressed from work, and you’re not in love with the work that you do, then there is no way you can prove yourself every single day at work.

What I want to say here is that if you threaten to leave your company for the sake of personal benefits, then your manager might think that you are not a valuable asset to the company anymore.

So always be careful not to communicate the wrong message to your employer.

But let’s say that you truly love what you do and that you don’t hate your mondays, but you believe that you deserve a raise or a promotion. Then how do you ask for it?

What is the right way to approach your manager asking them for a raise or a promotion?

You can just talk to them about it. Ask for a meeting with them. Start by letting them know how much you love doing what you do, and then tell them that you need a raise or a promotion because you deserve it.

You also need to prove that you deserve the promotion you’re asking for. So make sure that you briefly explain to your manager how much hard work and effort you have put into the company and talk about your future vision for the company.

You can make it, just make sure that you think before you speak, and present your argument very well.

This might be a much better way to ask for a raise or a promotion rather than just threaten to leave if you don’t get what you want.

What if you still don’t get what you asked for after you prove that you deserve it.

You really don’t want to work in a place where you are not getting the promotions or raises that you truly deserve. So what you can do in this case is resort to letting your manager know that you’re considering leaving. BUT, here’s how you should do it:

1- Make sure you have an alternative.

You need an alternative if you’re planning to leave your current job for not getting what you deserve.

You may decide that you will take a gap year which could be a great idea if you can afford it. You may decide that you want to start your own online business, also you might start applying for other jobs.

Make sure that whatever you choose will be a good alternative for your current job.

2 – Do not make it sound like a threat

Once you have your alternative ready, request a meeting with your manager and let them know that as much as you have enjoyed your time at the company, you have no choice but to leave because you can’t afford the losses that you’re facing at the company

The most important rule here is that you should never make it sound like a threat, but you need to prove to them that you have no other choice.

Managers won’t respond well to threats most of the time, but they might respond well if you make them feel that you truly love to work at their company but you don’t have any other choice.

You’ll have a much better chance at getting what you want if you phrase your words in a way that does not sound as a threat.

One last note here. If you don’t get what you deserve after all this, then you should really go for the alternative that you have in mind and work for a better future. It might be hard in the short term, but the reward that is waiting for you in the long term might be worth it.